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Friday, July 17, 2009

Banner for Our Mini Store

Sis Liz from requested a unique header for her e-shop to make it special. Above is the header for her blog. She is using a free blogger template which while cute, really has a "generic" look to it. The new header shows off the uniqueness of her e-shop, just as she wanted.

The Concept:
Sis Liz sells authentic branded handbags. As such, I wanted to have a "classy" look for her header yet highlight the gorgeous products that she offers. Therefore, I took images of her products and created a "cut-out" look and place them on a "display rack" as if it is in a real boutique. The glowing effect gives is an added polished look.

Colours are kept to a minimum to highlight the colours of the products on the rack.

Check out the blog "live" here

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