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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blogging Tips: Free Vs Custom-made Templates

There are many websites offering free blog templates, so why should one spend money for a custom made one?

Here are some reasons:
(1) Be unique
Free template means anybody can download and install it as their own blog. The result? Your blog could have the same look as another person's. Worse if you are doing business on your blog and your competitor has a same look! Could cause confusion among your customers.

(2) Show you mean BUSINESS
If you intend to use your blog to showcase your products or services, or as an e-shop, using a free template shows that you are not putting much effort into your business. It is just like opening a shop and just let the construction worker do the basic design for your interiors. How would that make you look to your customers? By having a custom-made template, it shows your customers that you are serious in your business.

(3) Be significant
Have you ever visited a blog and say "Whoa! Great blog. I must bookmark this one"? They say "content is King", but a good-looking king would attract more visitors, don't you think? Being on the internet with millions of other blogs, you need to make yourself standout from others. By having a custom made template done based on who YOU are and what you stand for, you will definitely attract more visitors to your blog.


  1. Templates are your biggest time saver and your easiest way to standardize. You already probably use templates and don't even realize it. When I started my blogs I did a lot of search and research on this and collected a big list of good sites (more than 250 sites) that offer decent unique free blog templates. If you are interested take a look at the below link.

  2. Oh I love templates. In fact I have a few blogs using them. However, I find that for those who have started their blog using the standard templates, when they switch to free templates there would be widgets that they have to remove or when they want to add certain page elements, there would be errors. I myself encountered that. Also, some templates require some HTML editing which could be a headache to non-HTML-savvy bloggers. The easiest way to change your blog's look is by changing the header to a customized one, which is what I do :-).

    Thanks for the link!